Top 5 christmas cash tips

Well Christmas is finally here and we all know this means that our wallets will start to take a hammering! The reason behind this is because it is the long awaited Christmas holiday season – although it is supposed to be a time of reflection with religous connotations it is, in reality, a commercial paradise for the shops online and business on the high street. Many shops and businesses make most of their money at this time of the year as people buy needless presents for their lived ones and, in the process, often end up leaving themselves out of pocket.

So what are the Top 5 Christmas Cash Tips?

1. Do not buy needless presents on people. They probably don’t want what it is you have bought them and you may find the item you have purchased cropping up on ebay some time in the new year. If you really can’t think of buying them a gift, then it probably means they do not need a present, so don’t bother (bah humbug!)

2. If you need to give a gift try making it yourself. This personal touch will not only save you money but it makes for a much nicer gift and comes from the heart. If you do not have the skills to make a decent gift don’t bother though as again, you may find the gift on ebay or even in the bin.

3. Eat Christmas dinner round someone else’s house. Having tons of relatives over for Christmas dinner can be a real expense. There’s 3 courses to consider and the crackers make for a costly excercise. This advice may have come too late as you may have already agreed to cater for all and sundry. Don’t make the same mistake next year.

4. Blame Christmas cards not arriving on the Royal Mail. There have been lots of different strikes from the post office recenty that have culminated in missing post. Explain to people that you have posted their cards, but the non-arrival must only be due to the recent strikes.

5. Do not answer the door if you hear the door bell go at a strange time. Around Christmas time the causative factior of untimely knocks on the door can mean only one thing. Carol singers. Now they are entertaining and can provide minutes of enterntainment on your door but they will expect some money for thir dulcit tones. Think carefully before opening the door!

Of course, this is a light hearted look at Christmas. You can save money by reining in the expenditure and thinking about what you are buying for freinds and relatives. If money is tight and you need to get some money fast then a payday loan online might be a viable solution to you getting money quickly. Enjoy the holiday season and please watch out for those pesky carol singers.

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